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PPT is to handle the tyre sealant produced by Arnco - the worlds largest supplier of polyurethane tyre flatproofing fill for off-road tyres. Arnco has developed a specially formulated tyre fill that stops air leaks from general punctures up to 7mm. ReSeal's patent formula benefits from the inclusion of Kevlar fibers that assist to permanently clot areas where air is leaking. Not only does ReSeal reduce punctures it also fixes most bead leaks, inner liner separations and consistent air vent leaks. In addition it acts as a tyre coolant and helps protect rims from corrosion. It's as simple as taking out the valve core, adding the required amount of ReSeal and re-inflating the tyre.

ReSeal comes in pails of 20ltrs (5 US gals) and a high quality aluminium pump is available to.

If you would like to know more about ReSeal puncture sealant or wish to arrange purchasing please contact James Bowett.



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