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You've invested in the right bike...

Now all you want to do is commute to work, lose a few pounds or just enjoy your leisure time.

So why risk getting a puncture?

Puncture Proof Tyres let you ride your bicycle without fear of upsetting your journey or pleasure with a tiresome and inconvenient puncture, no need to worry about glass debris, hedgerow thorns and other obstacles, because when you have fitted our tyres you will have no need for carrying spare inner tubes, pumps or repair kits ever again.

Always ready to go!

• No more going to the garage to find bikes with flat tyres!
• No more stopping on your commute to work with punctures!
• No more listening to the children asking you to pump up their tyres!
• No more checking to see that you have everything incase you get a puncture!

With Puncture Proof Tyres you're always ready to go!

Phone: 0121 243 3687 Email: info@greenshredder.co.uk

Registered Office: Birmingham. B33 6DE. Company Reg: 7589983